Visual poet or transdisciplinary artist, my work swings between the fields of installation, wearable art and performance.

These fields are interrelated by the concept of the body, which is nothing more than a live sculpture in movement with sensory perception in the shared space.

My inspiration springs from reverie, surrealism and unconsciousness. Capable of bewitching the wearer and making them an active participant in live performance.

In my vision people are functional forms to hang elements in order to create movement beyond our appendages.

By stimulating the senses, I create narratives where space and time merge and there is only the moment, the now. In a scenario where the self allows itself to accept the subjective interpretation of layers of reality.

Thus, the interaction starting from the matter, the game, is therefore the driving element of the reflection and the work, and the representation of a mental process of transformation .


Costume Erna Ostanek
Photo Carlos Canales