Using the body as a game that dissipates reality, time and space


“HONOLULU” (Sheltered Harbor)

An interactive, interdisciplinary installation which stimulates our senses whereby the interposed object becomes a metaphor and guiding thread. It delves into individual-centered societies where we live as social animals.

With    Geraldine Barrera     Visual artwork
             Utopic Jones    Voice and text 
             Daniel Schellongowski     Sound artwork

Globe Gallery (Berlin, Germany) Festival @ Heilstatte Grabowsee August 2018
Interactive installation


Performance and costume design for the shortmovie The Growers directed by Ursa Kastelic
Festival Muvit 6/60.1st Award (Ljubljana, Slovenia) August 2018


    "Out of the egg will come a free soul which was taken by nature.” Ode to overcome.    
With Geraldine Barrera

Photography Marco Bioti

48 Std Neukölln Festival Berlin (Germany) June 2018
@19:28 Tattoo Club.Opening Diving by Virginia De



A waiting room, tables, chairs, a reception desk. Forms, applications, questionnaires.
The Waiting Room opens a space for encounters between strangers and plays with the social rules of curiosity and interest, everyday behavior and communication. You always come back to the place where you started —the waiting room, which itself becomes the space for mixing up impressions and suspending patterns.

...Since Socrates, the main task of philosophy has been to problematize, to become the torpedo fish, to throw difficulties out there that require an investigation, a quest, a search, to point out that reality is problematic, that the world as such is nothing but a big problem...”
The role of an artist in a profit economy. By Diego Agulló at Agora Collective. It deals with the intersection between education and art, dilettantism and professionalism. In this light, the artistic practice becomes a way of practicing philosophy.

@Agora Collective con CAPP (Collab Arts Partnership Programme). Berlin, Germany 2015


The importance of live improvisation and chance as a method of artistic production, which also fosters the collective spirit and community empowerment.
Human bodies made of flesh are covered with the matter of other bodies layer by layer.

In collaboration with     Yan Gi Cheng in Concept and Performance
                                     Matresacnh Sound art

Ida Nowhere, 48 Std Neukölln Festival(Berlin, Germany) - June 2015